Jessie Eats Most Memorable 2016 Moments

Say what you will about this past year, but 2016 has held some amazing (and some crazy) Jessie Eats memories! Enjoy some extra bites and never before seen footage & videos below!

Starry Kitchen Illegal UndergroundIMG_8876.JPG

One of the reasons I love social media is because it brings people together. I can connect with chefs of favorite restaurants & become “friends” with like-minded foodies. So when Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen messaged me with an invite to resurrect the Illegal Underground Starry Kitchen in his home for one night only, I was in! I had a great night eating Starry Kitchen staples of Thi Tran’s menu (including my favorite the chile crab,) bonding with strangers over our shared passion of food, oh yeah and posing for the Starry Kitchen cookbook (the whole purpose of the night).


What do you do when your entire NYC trip is cut to one night only? You spend it at Daniel! This is probably my most memorable meal of 2016. Daniel is the type of restaurant you go to celebrate your 30th wedding anniversary. When the reservationist asked me what I was celebrating, I told her a date night with New York!

Everything is perfect and elegant from the ballet-like flawless service, to the wine pairings, to the stool that seats your purse, to the foie gras flambéd table side, down to the multi course tasting menu that took my breath away at every bite.

But the most memorable moment of the meal is when I had the opportunity to tour the kitchen. Words cannot describe how special that once in a lifetime moment was for me. Below is the never before seen footage of my night at Daniel.

IMG_6008Tinder Sushi Date at Sushi Zo

Yes… “Memorable”… but for all the wrong reasons. Lesson learned, stop swiping right for chefs on Tinder!

Enough said, click here to read the full details if you missed it.


img_2113The Cronut

I knew I was going to NYC for only a couple of days, and could not wait to try the famous talked about Cronut at Dominique Ansel Bakery. I imagined the drama and the excitement, the lines, the anticipation of waiting. What I didn’t realize is that there would be no line, and it would be a seamless easy transaction, (not so great for an episode of Jessie Eats.) Then a magical New York Moment took place: just me, the city, and an incredible dessert that all put together brought me to tears. To watch the full Cronut video click HERE.

Stinky TofuIMG_8886.JPG

As a foodie it is important to have an open mind and to try everything! Even if it means tasting something that your gut knows you won’t like, but still do it for the sake of the episode! I think it’s safe to say that I can check Stinky Tofu off of the list. To watch the full 626 Night Market video click HERE

Howlin’ Ray’s

I have never reacted so hard in a Jessie Eats episode as I did with the spicy chicken at Howlin’ Ray’s! My friend Scott knew I would fail eating the mildest of flavors, and his prediction came true. Yet, I cannot wait to go back because that burn tastes so good! See the unedited final moments of the spicy chicken aftermath below. For the full Howlin’ Ray’s video click HERE

Making It Up As I Go Along

What many of you may not know is that I am a one-man band. I am the creator, star, producer, director, editor, publicist, and cameraman on every shoot. That being said there is a LOT to learn and make up as I go. But that is a part of the fun. I’ve learned a lot from mistakes, and have used them to my benefit. I mean how do you think the lyric “so good, so good, so good” came about?! At the end of the day, doing this makes me so happy! Plus any excuse to eat and be surrounded by food is always a yes for me!

Support From Friends, Family, & Fans

Having said above that I am a one-man band, I will now contradict myself. I could not do what I do, or enjoy eating and exploring new restaurants without the support of others. Bottom line: food brings people together, and that is shown with every step of my journey. Thank you for holding my camera, paying for my food travels, giving me advice & tips, and continuing to watch and support Jessie Eats! More videos to come in 2017!


Foodie Find: Little Izaka-Ya Plate

Tinder profile picture where I look so casual drinking rose by the water…

Being a single woman in the year 2016, I am currently Tinder. Believe me, if I knew of a better way to “put myself out there” I would be actively doing it. But sadly the late night swiping video game is one of my many attempts to meet someone.

Being a foodie, my kryptonite is a man in a chef coat. Without thought I will always swipe right. Most recently I matched with a guy that not only was chef, but recognized me from social media.  “I know you!! You are a foodie! My restaurant follows you on Instagram.”

Done! A man in a chef coat who is recognizing ME! Sold! He told me that it was sushi night and that he was going to take me to a place “that would change my life.” This place being Sushi Zo!

A few highlights from Sushi Zo

For those of you who don’t know this restaurant, Sushi Zo is an Omakase ONLY spot, which means you put full trust in the sushi chef and never order. You will never receive a roll covered in mayo, but you’ll be handed piece by piece of the finest slices of fish from all over the world. It is a beautiful experience, and one that is lots of $$$

I admit, the Omakase experience at Sushi Zo DID change my life. I have never dined like this before, and was completely happy in my sushi dream moment consuming perfect fish. Sadly, the main thing that changed my life was my outlook on men and dates as my Tinder Chef unexpectedly had me pay the hefty fee when the bill came.

Why do I share this with you? Because later that week, still humiliated at the amount of money I spent on a TINDER DATE that will go nowhere when I can’t afford to pay less than that for my health insurance, I found myself in a different sushi happiness with a $20 lunch!

If you are from Los Angeles, you would be out of the know if you didn’t know Katsu-Ya, whether it be the original mini mall Ventura Blvd spot, or the new clubs all over. Their spicy tuna on crispy rice, baked hand rolls, and albacore with crispy onion are staples when ordering, and for me it has always been a spot for a special night out.

Little Izaka-Ya Plate for lunch

Imagine my delight when I went to THE LITTLE IZAKA-YA (part of the Katsu-Ya family located in Sherman Oaks) for lunch and realized all of my favorite things and more were in a $20 “LITTLE IZAKA-YA PLATE” lunch special. Done and done! (Which makes this my newest “Foodie Find” to share with you!) I got to enjoy Yellowtail Sashimi with Ponzu & Jalapeno, Albacore Sashimi with Crispy Onion, Whitefish with Granny Apple Carpaccio, the famous Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna & a Baked Crab Hand Roll, allowing me to leave fulfilled and not broke!

I don’t need a man to show me a great dining experience, I can create my own!

(But I mean, is it so hard to find a nice, sarcastic, good looking guy, with a passion for food and wine, central AC, & an HBO Go account?)

Disclaimer: Sushi Zo really is an amazing spot, I will just go back the next time for my one year wedding anniversary with FILL IN THE BLANK TBD MAN.