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Wildflowers and Whiskey: A 24-Hour Escape to Cuyama Buckhorn

Nestled just two hours north of Los Angeles in the heart of California’s Central Coast is a roadside inn worth the visit: Cuyama Buckhorn! With its stylish Western design, delicious cocktail program, and proximity to visit the Superbloom, this destination is the perfect escape!

Although it opened in 1952, this roadside inn has been remodeled with desert tones and western details resulting in a stylish “Mid-Century Western” design! This Hotel is complete with modern comfort guest rooms with semi-private patios, a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, garden, fireplace, and pool with sauna! But besides these aesthetics and design, the newly revamped Buckhorn Bar and the timing of the Superbloom are what made this 24-hour getaway one to remember.

The Buckhorn Bar

If I lived in Cuyama, I would hands down be a regular at the Buckhorn Bar! With a cocktail menu focussing on farm-to-glass and minimal waste, each recipe showcases the produce from farmers & neighbors nearby in the most innovative ways. The cocktails are broken into three sections: Farm to Glass, Barrel-Aged Cocktails, and Macerations. And after sipping my way through most of them, I have become a fan!

One highlight was “God’s Country,” a drink described as “quintessential Cuyama.” You have your fat-washed rye honoring the 3h cattle down the street, a Coors light cordial, and a little bit of corn liquor resulting in a cocktail that drinks like an old fashioned and has a sense of humor about itself. The barrel-aged cocktails are batched Italian style, saving a percentage to act as the mother for each evolving barrel. Whether you are in the mood for a classic cocktail, a nerdy beer list, or something more inventive that you have never tried, the Buckhorn Bar has something for everyone. Plus, it showcases another example of how special its Western design is. 

The Superbloom

The arrival of spring brings the highly anticipated superbloom season. With a viewing destination just 20 minutes away, it made the drive so easy. 

Carrizo Plain National Monument is covered in wildflower blooms, flowing over the hills like a blanket of golden yellow brick roads! And while this is only seasonal, standing by the field of flowers was such an added joy for our 24-hour escape! (Please be mindful, there are trails and paths to help you to prevent stomping on the flowers.)

Cuyama Buckhorn is a destination that truly has it all. From the stunning design to the creative cocktails and the breathtaking superbloom, this hotel was the perfect 24 getaway to escape Los Angeles, enjoy the moment, and soak it all in (drinks & blooms haha!)

Enjoy my YouTube Short featuring Cuyama Buckhorn and The Superbloom below!

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