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Cocktails From the Home Bar

Gimlet Gin Cocktail | Classic & Modern Twist (Eastside Cocktail)

The gimlet is a classic and easy gin cocktail anyone can make using only three ingredients. What makes it easier is that these are simple ingredients are things you should always have on hand for your home bar: gin, lime juice, simple syrup.

My key tips for a great gimlet are a cold chilled glass and fresh lime juice. (Yeah that concentrated stuff is no bueno!)

For the Gimlet Cocktail you will need:

-2 oz gin

-3/4 oz fresh lime juice

-3/4 oz simple syrup

-chilled glass (coupe)


-cocktail shaker


Combine your gin, lime juice, and simple syrup in your mixer, shake, and strain into chilled glass. You can always garnish with lime wheel.

And while this classic recipe is delicious on its own, my favorite modern variation is turning it into The Eastside Cocktail, a drink I loved drinking while living in New York City. This easy switch just adds mint and cucumber, giving an almost spa like nod.

To make Eastside Cocktail you will need :

-muddled mint & cucumber

-gimlet ingredients from above (2 oz gin, 3/4 oz fresh lime juice, & 3/4 oz simple syrup)

-a muddler & extra strainer to double strain

Start by adding mint & cucumber to your shaker with a splash of simple syrup. Muddle ingredients and release those flavors.

And now, repeat the steps from above’s gimlet recipe. Combine your gin, lime juice, and simple syrup in your mixer, shake, and strain into chilled glass. (I like to double strain to avoid too many muddled chunks from falling into drink. Garnish with a lime wheel. a cucumber ribbon, or a mint sprig.

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