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Trying Monty’s Good Burger for the First Time!

I’ve gone completely plant based! No cheese, no meat!!! Well, for this episode at least… Trying out Monty’s Good Burger for the first time!

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Monty’s Good Burger is a plant-based burger spot that has been taking Los Angeles by storm offering a range of burgers, fries, and shakes with the purpose to serve an Ethical and Legitimate Alternative.

What I Ate:
I ordered the Double Burger, which came with two Impossible patties, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and their house spread. I admit, I was nervous as this was my first time trying an Impossible burger patty, but I was pleasantly surprised. It resembles meat, cooked on the griddle, and still was juicy and flavorful. The bun was soft and fresh, giving a nod to the Martin’s Potato Roll bun used by my favorite burger at Shake Shack. And yes, that house spread DID taste like thousand Island, so the flavors of the burger immediately made me think of In N Out.

Next up I grabbed some off the menu Maxed Out Fries. They were topped with vegan cheese, caramelized onions, and Monty’s special sauce. Could this be their version of animal-style fries? The flavor profile was a complete copycat.
My favorite thing has to be the Tater Tots which were so crispy, paired with ALL of Monty’s Condiments! Habanero, Sriracha Aioli, Ranch, House Spread, Onion Aioli, I loved them all! Such a fun dipping party, added an extra layer of flavor

To finish off the meal, I had to order a Strawberry Shake, which was made with vegan ice cream and fresh strawberries. The shake was creamy, had the perfect amount of sweetness, and had me forget I was enjoying something plant-based.

I can’t help but compare each of these items to their non-plant-based counterpart. Which is my ultimate conundrum: Do I taste this burger as the “Vegan & Plant-Based In N Out alternative” or do I just treat this as another burger joint? The carnivore in me has a hard time not placing them in two separate categories.

The aspect that did make me forget this though, was the burger culture that is celebrated. The neon lights, the fun tunes blasting, and the griddle in the heart of the restaurant immediately transport you to the nostalgia of why you enjoy going out for a burger.

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